Our approach

Piece Level Identification enables air cargo operational processes to take a giant leap: smart intermediate storage applications; a higher degree of status transparency and security to stakeholders; the ability to plan for an optimized process flow, evening out peaks and troughs in production; building virtual and revenue-optimized ULDs; application of robotics and logistics automation; vastly improved space utilization and greatly improved security & safety, to name a few examples.


ePiece Ltd provides the means to realize this leap. It will introduce and integrate well-known, tested and cost-efficient automation technology from other industries into the Air Cargo Industry, coupled with extensive experience in process flow analysis.


This concept is based on many years observing how this industry is working with tools and processes developed in the 1980 – 1990’s, even though technology has taken quantum leaps over the past decade in applicable fields such as Industrial Automation, Machine Vision, System Interfacing, Big Data, sophisticated Sensory and Visualization Techniques and Simulation Tools, to mention but a few.


ePiece Ltd offers a portfolio of services, all with the goal of providing tangible efficiency gains within a step-by- step approach to allow for manageable and incremental investment.

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