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ePiece Ltd

The name ePiece is inspired by the platform of our concept: Piece Level Identification. We are a Finnish innovation company specializing in adapting technology solutions into air cargo and baggage operations.


ePiece Ltd specializes in providing consultancy and services for boosting the development of cargo & baggage logistics operations in the aviation industry.

Our concept and approach focus on enabling piece-level identification, supported by advanced machine vision technology in order to collect all data required for onward processing. We believe that smart automation, robotics and sensory-based learning systems already in use within other fields of logistics and industries will have a multitude of applications in future cargo and baggage handling facilities.

After only a few years after its inception, ePiece has already been chosen for some very large and challenging projects. Such as developing the third-generation baggage make-up automation solution for one of the top ten airports in the world. Or, as member of a prestigious consortium, assisting in bringing the air cargo world super-efficient, truly automated facilities to three major US hub airports.


To us, this proves that we’ve established solutions that are in step with the times. As a company, ePiece Ltd stands right in the intersection of two global megatrends: eCommerce and the revolution of smart information technology. Together, these trends are pushing the envelope for a more efficient, safe and resilient technology in the aviation logistics business. At ePiece, we intend to be an innovation leader in these exciting times!

The ePiece Ltd offering covers a wide range of consultancy and development services leading to enhancements in the practical cargo and baggage handling processes, systems and/or infrastructure.

We are consultants paving the way for our customer to take the required steps into the future. Thus, ePiece Ltd is not pushing its own technology or applications, but always bring forward the best-in-class solutions among  available technologies in their field.

ePiece Ltd staff has what it takes to deliver our promise. We are a team of experts in today’s technologies that everybody knows are the way of the future: robotics, artificial intelligence, vision and sensory systems, Big Data, and above all, a wide range of contemporary software development tools and technologies. 

Our story

Our Story

ePiece Ltd was founded early 2017. Building on the decades of work and experience in aviation logistics and industrial automation, we saw the future potential of applying the concept of piece-level handling in air cargo & baggage logistics by utilization of existing 3rd-party technologies and approaches as the basis of our own design guidelines.


More importantly, we clearly foresaw that due to the special characteristics of the air cargo and baggage handling industry, advanced solutions such as smart robotics, high-level logistics automation, and identification and verification systems ensuring the required reliability and accuracy needed in any piece-level operating automated handling process cannot be introduced without thorough preparation . Instead, a specific handling automation concept and approach is needed that contains all the phases and aspects required in the smooth and safe development process.


Thus, the ePiece Road map with its four key service components: Consultancy, Project Control, Implementation, and Change Management.

Our initial market research for the piece-level automation approach resulted in several potential high-profile projects for various baggage and cargo operations around the world. The first on-site customer studies reinforced our interpretation of the market need. After a series of discussions with seasoned veterans and consultants in both domains it was clear to the founders of ePiece Ltd that the time is right for collecting and combining the knowledge and experience required, resulting in the specification of an offering that meets the rising demand on piece-level handling automation. And, which forms the platform for advanced automation.


The founders of ePiece Ltd bring truly diversified backgrounds together. From industrial automation software technology, robotics, telecom, oil & gas, academia, aviation facility development and financing to cargo and baggage operations and management.


Together, they ensure a new perspective on the possibilities of enabling cost-efficient, state-of-the-art solutions where it is keenly needed.


Meet the ePiece team

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