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The team

Juha Tuominen
Chief Executive Officer
+358 40 518 2893  |   juha.tuominen @
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Dr. Tuominen is a management and technology consultant having made a 30-years career in process development, industrial automation, robotics and software technology combined with over ten years in applying his specialized knowledge in aviation industry. He has held positions both in global organizations and on SME-level, and been a Professor and Head of Laboratory at Helsinki University of Technology.

Henric Nauckhoff
Chief Commercial Officer
+358 50 514 3092  |  henric.nauckhoff @
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BBA Henric Nauckhoff is an experienced aviation professional, with a 40 year background in the airline, ground handling and aviation facility development businesses. Most of his career has been focused on air cargo logistics, where he has held leading positions in senior management.

Patrik Rokka
Chief Technology Officer
+358 50 372 7223  |   patrik.rokka @

Mr. Rokka has an extensive background in robotics, industrial automation development and wide range of software and sensor technologies. He has worked in several industries developing new technology as well as specific product testing equipment. In his previous position Mr. Rokka was leading mechanical designer and main software architect on robotics solutions, including cross-platform integration using innovative sensor and vision technology.

Dr. Antti  Nurminen
Chief Information Officer
antti.nurminen @

Chief Information Officer of eBS has 20+ years of experience in R&D and computation-intensive solution development especially for visualization, 3D/VR/AR modeling and image processing applications. Dr. Nurminen is the main editor of co-operative product and technology development proposals, and company's coordinator of international R&D projects. He is also responsible for large-scale data capture, handing and analysis, and complex systems integration within customer delivery projects.

MSc. Jan Hudeček
Chief Design Officer at eBS

Chief Design Officer of eBS is responsible for company’s mechanical systems design and 3D modeling, as well as the design of the physical integration interfaces, such as required within every delivery project containing automated baggage make-up or piece-level cargo handling technology. MSc. Hudeček has a double role in the company as he also designs, prepares and maintains the company's digital platform and the various product and project documents utilized within the network of partners and subcontractors not only for fast & reliable customer solution delivery, but also to enable seamless co-operation, real-time information sharing, and distributed product development among the stakeholders.

MSc. Elmeri Haapasalmi
Senior Software Developer

MSc. Elmeri Haapasalmi has more than ten years of experience in software development being especially interested in solving problems of industry and business. MSc. Haapasalmi is the main software developer responsible for algorithm development for various subsystems, functions and devices within ePiece, including complex data processing and analysis of multiple data sources, such as originating from hybrid-sensor and multiple-camera set-ups, as well as air cargo and baggage related discrete event simulation systems operating on piece level and utilizing the digital twin approach.

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