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ePiece introduces ePiece Baggage Solutions (eBS) and ePiece Cargo Solutions (eCS).

Although baggage and cargo automation share some of the same technical attributes, they are both part of completely different businesses. Therefore, solutions need to be tailored.

ePiece has set up two succinctly different business units: ePiece Baggage Solutions (eBS) and ePiece Cargo Solutions (eCS). This is to ensure that we stay focused on your needs and keep up to date on the latest developments.

Both units have considerable experience in their respective fields. eCS brings experience from Cargo Sales and Services both, combining a total of 80 years know-how from airlines, airports and ground handlers. eCS is working together with a US consortium consisting of 20+ expert companies to develop a new generation of mega-capacity cargo terminals for three US hub airports.

eBS, in turn, has intimate experience with baggage make-up automation going back 12 years, having already developed 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation solutions. In fact, eBS is the only company in the world that is now actively progressing with delivering a 3rd generation automated baggage make-up solution, now deep into a project for a major airport hub in Europe.

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