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Reduce footprint while increasing throughput. And decreasing cost.

Most hub airports today are space constrained. While volumes are growing, there is constantly a need to develop new facilities – but no more land to be had.


One reason for this is that cargo warehouses and baggage halls have typically grown horizontally to accommodate increased volume. Cargo terminals can be as much as half a kilometer long while baggage halls often stretch the entire area of the passenger terminal above them!

ePiece has focused on delivering modular solutions that exploits the vertical space available. In one ongoing project, we will be to handle the same amount of baggage but with only 25% of the footprint currently used.


And, as members of a large US consortium, we are aiming at cargo facilities for hub airports that can accommodate more than 4 million annual tons of cargo in a vertical facility 5 stories high but with a footprint that is a fraction of traditional facilities.

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