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Efficiency, accuracy, speed, reliability, resilience. Exponentially improved.

These are a few of the attributes ePiece can bring to your operations.

ePiece – the name is derived from gathering and using data on piece level, i.e. individual bags or pieces in a cargo shipment – is a Finnish innovation company bent on modernizing critical aspects of baggage and cargo handling by bringing in industrial automation, enriched with digital technology, into key processes.

The motivation behind this strategy is simple. There are tremendous benefits to be had in most, if not all areas of operation in these two vital components of the aviation industry. Efficiency, accuracy, speed, reliability, resilience are examples of some of areas that can be exponentially improved, achieving rapid return on investment.

As a company, ePiece Ltd stands right in the intersection of two global megatrends: eCommerce and the revolution of smart information technology. We believe we are hitting all the right buttons with the realization that certain sections of aviation have been ignored in terms of investing for the future.

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