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Build a working environment that retains staff

Increasingly today, airport handlers (cargo and baggage) find it difficult and expensive to train and retain staff.

Why? The answers we’ve been given is that the work is repetitious, tedious and heavy and often carried out in locales without daylight, dusty and noisy.

In fact, many airlines and handlers that we’ve talked to reveal that they are often fined for violating health & safety rules. Not on purpose, but as everyone knows, airport volumes can suddenly change due to weather, industrial actions, or other factors outside of their control.

ePiece addresses these issues on several different fronts. We provide automation tools that alleviate or obliviate any heavy lifting and repetitive movements. We can increase capacity at moment’s notice through a faster pace of the machines, without the need for calling in extra staff or having staff prolong their shift.


We can even out peaks and valleys in having automation working while staff is off. And, very significantly, we provide a clean working environment that is centered around technology instead of manpower – brain instead of brawn.

With the help of adopting a high degree of automation and AI-based planning, monitoring, and control, ePiece can assist in making your operation pro-active rather than reactive, leaving more time over for creative problem solving and charting improvements.

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