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Introducing Industry 4.0 solutions long overdue. With a smooth transition.

How do you combine higher speed, accuracy, quality, safety and information transparency with lower
unit cost in the baggage and cargo handling business? Impossible equation? Not really.

The answer is a higher level of industrial automation. One enriched with digital technology and piece-level information processing.


Many industries such as automobile manufacturers and high throughput distribution centers have embraced this approach, and thus solved the riddle and yielded impressive operational and financial improvements. ​ePiece has decided to adopt and adapt these solutions for the aviation industry.


At ePiece, we have learned that the secret lies in feeding automation solutions with information that enables them to relieve us humans not only from dealing with heavy and unhealthy tasks, but also from tedious, repetitive monitoring and documentation tasks. This leaves the operator with the stamina and
alertness required for dealing with the exceptions and special cases experienced in every air cargo or baggage handling operation.


But how can you know that this will support your operation? We can ensure it. ePiece has a unique tool at its disposal. It’s a graphic, 3D simulation tool that lets us try different scenarios throughout your operations. It will weigh in travel time on conveyor belts, pallet build up activity for humans, response times for ASRS, etc. We can even build in coffee breaks! All this without disrupting any operation,
without spending a dime on unnecessary equipment. And you can run as many scenarios as you want; change of manpower, change of technology or change of process approach – you choose. 


In the air cargo and baggage handling world, all this requires is that we migrate to piece-level information in order for the automation components to be fed with necessary data.

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